Tuesday November 24th, 2009

The exercise:

Work today was very meeting-ful, so I've got some writing left to do tonight.

NaNo Word Count: 48,736
NaNo Target: 40,002

Your prompt for this week's Two Haiku Tuesday: locked in.

Stuff like this is both fascinating and terrifying to me. There aren't too many things I can say that about.


Can't you hear me scream?
Why does nobody listen?
I think I've gone mad.

* * *

I count the passing
Seconds and wait for my death...
But dawn comes again


Greg said...

I sympathize with your day of meetings; I seem to be having a whole week of three-hour long meetings. At this rate I'll have contributed myself away in the wretched things!

The news story you linked to is quite something, isn't it? That must be horrible, spending 23 years like that. Both your haikus are great interpretations of that.

Good luck with the writing today -- you're almost there! I hit the 50,000 mark yesterday, but there's a good 10,000 left to go if I'm any judge of the story.

Locked in

For you things happen
Every month brings something new
Mine are all the same


I wish you could speak,
move, anything. But you don't
We're turning you off.

Marc said...

Why am I not surprised you hit 50k before me? :)

Well a big congrats is certainly in order, especially after you thought you wouldn't even try!

I expect I'll hit it tomorrow.

Your second haiku makes me wonder why someone would be allowed to live in such a state for so long. Obviously in this case it was lucky he was, but... yeah.

morganna said...

About the news article: apparently his whole family was convinced that he was conscious, so he lived. But if you think about it, fifty or more years ago, he wouldn't have survived the initial accident.

My haikus (a slightly different take):
In the old story, she
Is locked in the yellow room
And becomes insane.

Her husband did it.
Are any of us safe? How thin
The edge of sanity.

Marc said...

Morganna - ah, that makes sense. And yeah, medicine has made some pretty amazing advancements. I'm living proof.

I like that you connected your two haiku and I really like that final line. How very thin indeed.

Nice :)

morganna said...

Thanks. Have you ever read the story? It's a short story entitled "The Yellow Room" by Charlotte ?. It's in most collections of best short stories from the U.S. Very creepy.

Have you seen the follow-up on the locked-in man? Apparently some doctors say he is not communicating at all, but his hand is being moved by his attendant.