Friday November 13, 2009

The exercise:

It appears to be Friday the 13th today. November really is a special month, isn't it? (Scroll down to the second to last comic... but Little Dee is great in general, so feel free to read 'em all)

Anyway, your Four Line Friday Prose prompt this week: inappropriate comparisons.

For the record, line one was something Kat said last night and line two was my mental response, which was kept safely inside my head. Until now. Lines three and four were made up for the sake of this prompt.

Also: I'm taking yet another day off. This damn cold won't go away.

NaNo Word Count: 27,679
NaNo Target: 21,668

I passed the halfway point yesterday, woo hoo!


"Can you help with dinner?"

"Sorry, I'm kinda busy being sicker than Ted Bundy right now."

* * *

"Did you have a nice flight?"

"It was kind of like riding in the innards of a diseased, rampaging bull - but thanks for asking, Captain."


Greg said...

Both comparisons are rather nice, I like the first one quite a lot. It was probably wise not to retort it to Kat though :)

Off home again tomorrow, but it's been nice being in Canada, I have shall have to try it again some time!

And well done on reaching 25,000 words! You'll be finished well ahead of schedule at this rate :)

Inappropriate comparisons

"How do you like your coffee?"
"Like my women: ground up small and kept in the freez -- hey, come back!"

"And when she lit up a cigarette, what then?"
"It was like an oil refinery exploding in the night, beautiful yet deadly."

Marc said...

Glad you enjoyed your stay, you're welcome back any time :)

You should maybe try the west coast next time!

As for NaNo - I'm easing off the pedal a little bit. I reckon 22k in the first ten days means I can do 18k in the second ten and that would leave just 10k for the final ten. But a good day here or there and I'll still end early.

I like both of yours equally, for vastly different reasons :)