Saturday November 28th, 2009

The exercise:

Going to see how close I can get to finishing the story today. Wish me luck!

Edit: Um, I'd say that went well. Considering I'm all done now. Woo hoo!

NaNo Word Count: 55,557

But first, let me get things started with the following topic for your four line poem this week: class is in session.


Close your damn mouth and open your mind
To receive lessons that are one of a kind.
I will teach you the things that no one else knows,
Like how to rob banks whenever it snows.


Greg said...

Good luck with finishing the novel! I'm on another flight to Canada (Moncton again) tomorrow, so I'm planning to do some more writing on mine then. Then it's rewrite time, but I have good ideas of where to start with that and what I need to know before I do :)

Love the poem, though that's a lesson less useful here in London where it hardly ever snows :(

Class is in session

"Class be seated," the teacher says;
They obey beneath her watchful gaze.
"Class is now, you see, in session,"
A small but surely useful lesson.

(Because the word session used to mean being seated)

Marc said...

Thanks Greg - your encouragement was just the thing I need, apparently :)

And thanks for the lesson on session, I surely did not know that.

Have a good flight and good luck with your writing! I'm not touching the rewrite any time soon, myself.