Friday November 20th, 2009

The exercise:

Twenty days down, ten days to go!

NaNo Word Count: 41,403
NaNo Target: 33,335

Incidentally, your prompt for Four Line Friday Prose this week: the final stretch.


I stood tall atop the mountain created by the bodies of the words I had slain and surveyed the terrain before me.

"The end is in sight," a disembodied voice boomed, sending a chill dancing down my spine.

"Oh, I don't know about that," I said with a slight smile. Then I pointed a steady finger at the horizon and added, "I think that end is merely the beginning."


Greg said...

Well, if you keep going at this rate you'll be finished by the middle of next week -- but will your novel be finished at the 50,000 word mark? Mine looks like it might need a few more words still, and I can't decide if it's depressing that I won't finish at 50,000 or awesome that I'll have a first novel that's at least novella length! I think the biggest surprise for me so far is that the story keeps telling itself and I've not found myself padding bits.

I love your 4-line prose this week, it's such a great and inspiring sentiment! Absolutely perfect.

The final stretch

"And now bring your arm over your head and tuck your hand up under the opposite armpit and grip your knee...." The yoga teacher's droning instructions in the hot room were entrancing and Julia wasn't sure that she was really awake any more, just doing as she was told.
"And now the final stretch: press your shoulders outwards..." said the teacher, and as twenty-four people in the room silently ripped themselves in half she laughed to herself.
Changing form to the tentacled horror that she really was, she started sucking up blood, guts and flesh and enjoyed her breakfast.

Marc said...

I'm hoping to have the story done around 55k, but I suspect I'm aiming low just to keep myself going.

And I'm so pleased it's going well for you, after you were so reluctant to give it a shot!

And I'll have to make note to be a bit more careful about the yoga teachers I choose to practice with. Although I'm fairly certain Kat is tentacle free :P