Friday July 17th, 2009

The exercise:

Doing the final packing tonight, so the Four Line Friday Prose topic this week is: the final push.

See y'all in the new place!


Her bare toes curl under to grip the edge of the granite cliff as the wind pushes her tattered sweater snug against her body and sends her long brown hair cascading horizontally behind her. She knows this is cowardice; that real bravery would be to turn back and confront the truth of what she has done. She hesitates, wondering if she can find the strength to face that battle one more time.

But then that choice is taken from her as I give her one final push...


Greg said...

Hope the move all goes smoothly tomorrow! Sunday is the day to look forward to (when you spend the whole day wondering if you've left anything behind) :)

I like your prose, for some reason it makes me think of Laika from Tagged.

The final push

"My contractions are less than forty-five seconds apart now. I really think you should get me to the hospital." The Green Lightbulb looked up, expectantly at Dr. Septopus.
"But... but you're not pregnant!"

Marc said...

Thanks Greg - it went generally smoothly. Can't complain when I'm sitting here on my couch with an internet connection at the end of the day, at least.

Laika? Hmm. Interesting, not sure that I see it though.

Yay, more Green Lightbulb!