Sunday July 5th, 2009

The exercise:

Well, I'm back. Only to find Blogger's scheduled posting system utterly failed me. Oh well, the last four days are all up now and I had a lovely time away.

Your exercise for today (I see Greg is one step ahead of me here but I'm going on with it anyway) is to go have a look at the last few days and do a writing exercise from any (or all, if you're a keener like Greg) of them. I'd like to point you at Wednesday and Thursday in particular.

Me? I'm going to throw up some pictures from the weekend. If I'm feeling ambitious I might caption one or two of them.

Edit: yeah alright, captions for all then.


The veggie garden - a good part of it at least. That's a vineyard in the distance, not more of our veggies. We're not that crazy.

A close-up of one of strawberries - there should be a great crop next summer.

Kat when we were out weeding the corn.

Yours truly, out in the corn, as taken by Kat.

One of the two marmots that have made a home under the downstairs deck.

Kat at our table on market day.

A close-up view of the rhubarb, cabbage, herbs (sage, dill, and cilantro) and the big sellers of the day - apricots from Kat's parents' orchard.

I would say it was a successful day. You might need to click to enlarge to get the full effect on this one.

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