Wednesday July 1st, 2009

The exercise:

Happy Canada Day all. Today marks the third installment of my 1,000 Words for Charity project - so go have a read of The Captain, won't you? I think my sister Nicky provided my three favorite words to work with so far. No offense to anyone else, but come on - these are hard to beat.

I've never written a zombie story before and I've never attempted this style of writing before, so this was a very fun exercise for me. I hope you all enjoy it.

With three down and two to go, only one question remains: will all my story titles start with 'The'? Sigh. So creative.

Anyway, have a go with the words big sis provided: zombie, martini, dirigible. I still smile when I read those.


Waiter, waiter - I have a complaint!
While I'll admit this airship is quaint,
This soup is making me feel quite faint!

This cream of mushroom reeks of decay
And it has a nightmarish bouquet
That no martini can wash away!

I appreciate that you're new here,
And that your condition is severe...
But I want my soup sans zombie ear!


Greg said...

I really liked the Captain (and I've left a comment about it on your other blog too); it's a great story! I like this poem too -- the choice of soup is just perfect for a zombie ship :)

Zombie, martini, dirigible

"Who is making these martinis" said Dr. Septopus taking another sip and clacking his beak sadly. "They taste like furniture polish."
Sylvestra looked away from the dirigible's huge viewing window and beyond Dr. Septopus.
"A zombie," she said. "Although to be fair to it, it is holding a can of furniture polish."
"Ah." Dr. Septopus was silent a moment, reflecting on something, and then took another sip of his martini. "It's better than the last one at least. Why do we have zombies on board?"
"They're mine, they're testament to what you can do with a good cosmetics line. It only takes three applications to strip the wearer of all volition and zombify them. And the best bit is, they pay a fortune for it!"
Dr. Septopus nodded, lost in admiration for Sylvestra's evil.
"Dr. Septopus, why did you let the Green Lightbulb provide transportation? This dirigible must have been in storage for the last eighty years!"
"To be fair, when he told me that we'd be flying by airship I assumed he'd got his words mixed up again and meant airplane."
"Ah. You realise that it's one of the old hydrogen-filled ones, don't you?"
Dr. Septopus tapped his backpack gently with a spare tentacle.
"That's why I'm wearing a parachute."

Marc said...

Indirect inclusion of The Green One! Yay!

Haha, nicely done Greg. Dr. Septopus floating down from a flaming airship is quite the image - and you didn't even have to write it for me to imagine it!

So many exclamation marks.