Tuesday July 21st, 2009

The exercise:

After a successful night of ultimate, this week's edition of Two Haiku Tuesday is brought to you by the topic: summer frost.

My first one was inspired, once again, by work. It might be a slight exaggeration.


Outside it's thirty
But there is frost on my desk;
Turn off the AC!

* * *

The sun is dying.
Warm summers have now become
Distant memories.


Greg said...

Ah, from your first haiku I would say that your office sounds perfect! Your second haiku made me think straight away of Jack Vance's Dying Earth stories; now I'll have to go home tonight and start re-reading them!

Summer frost

These summer roses
Are drawn in filigree ice
They melt as dawn breaks


Playing Ultimate
When summer frost has settled
Hurts my knees too much

Marc said...

I haven't read the Dying Earth series. Perhaps I'll make time for that in the near... distant future.

I like the contrast between your two haiku - lovely imagery in the first, a nice dash of humor in the second.