Thursday July 16th, 2009

The exercise:

Kat and I celebrated our four year anniversary today by going out for dinner. Afterward we spent a romantic evening packing boxes and throwing out junk we don't want to keep around (or find space for in the new place).

Oh, I also wrote her this poem. I'll give you guys this as a starter to work with: a special journey.


Four years ago this very day
A special journey was underway.
We sure didn't know it way back then -
How could we know how well we'd blend?

But as the days went speeding by,
And as this We formed from You and I,
It became very hard to miss
That ours is a rare kind of bliss.

We have shared every high and low,
What tomorrow holds we cannot know,
But I think it's a real safe bet
That we haven't seen the best yet.

So take my hand and breathe real deep,
Together we will make this leap;
With love and laughter in our hearts,
Nothing would dare tear us apart.


Greg said...

Congratulations on four years! Anniversaries are no respectors of real life, are they? They turn up and need time made for them at the most inconvenient of moments :)

The two best things of a move, in my opinion, are the first moments when you're sat down in the new place with a cup of coffee looking around at all the stuff that needs a new home and realising that this is where you live now, and throwing things out because you don't need/want them anymore while packing.
Hmm, that's kind of like spring cleaning, isn't it? Maybe I should instigate an annual spring clean for myself, that might do me good.

Your poem is very romantic, I bet Kat liked it!

A special journey

It is strange to be stood here
On top of a cliff that looks out
Under stars,
Over seas,
And represents the next step to be taken
On a journey that means so much.
A special journey. So one more step,
One foot,
Ahead of the other,
And I am borne up on thermals as invisible
As the faith that has brought me this far.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks :)

And yes, that is very true. Sigh.

I quite like the images you presented in your poem. I must confess it somewhat inspired my writing today (Friday).