Monday July 27th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's prompt: how hot is it?

Not to ruin the whole thing or anything, but if you're in Vancouver the answer is: too hot.


"Do you know how hot it is?" Richard asked his best friend Erik as they struggled along the uncomfortably crowded sidewalk.

"I think I have a pretty good idea," Erik replied.

"My lips are sweating. That's how hot it is."

"That... is both gross and impossible," came the weary response.

"Oh yeah? Come here and I'll give you a kiss," Richard said with an all-too-serious expression for Erik's liking. "Then we'll see what's possible and what's not."

"I take it back," Erik said with a sigh. "It is you that is both gross and impossible. And stay the hell away from me."


Greg said...

Hehe, Richard's clearly got your sense of humour Marc! The temperature over here has been warm but not too hot lately, which is something of a blessing.

And before I forget, I'm glad you liked yesterday's offering. Feel free to the use the first line as a starter sometime. (And... even though it's a bad pun, have you ever considered using a sourdough starter...?) [ducks]

How hot is it?

Here in our caldera,
It's almost always warm,
The underfloor is heated
Which is perfect for our dorm.
But yesterday we had a storm
That woke the mountain up,
Lava's welling through the cracks,
And doesn't want to stop!

TAMmommy said...

How hot is it?

As the children tried to play in the pool, all Cara could think of was how warm it felt. Was the water too hot for the kids? They splashed a bit, then she noticed that they were just floating around the pool. She called out to the oldest, "Maya, is everything ok?" "Yes Mom", she replied, "It's just too hot to move." Cara thought, she couldn't remember ever hearing her daughter, this outdoors girl, who would rather run in the woods than play with dolls, say that it was too hot to do anything, so it had to be really hot.

Not real happy with this one, but I told editing. This is my first idea, and that I will go with. I can edit it as another "assignment" for myself.

Marc said...

Greg - sour... dough. Lol. I blame the heat for me finding that funny. And I just might use it.

That was an extremely clever use of the starter, I'm quite impressed. Melted Brain says: two lobes up!

Tam (name shortened due to laziness, let me know if you'd prefer the full version and I'll find the energy next time... because oh yes, there will be a next time. I... should get on with this.)

Tam! - haha, I like it. And it's definitely tough to wrap up short little vignettes like that. If you come up with an ending you're happy with I'd love to see it :)

TAMmommy said...

Thanks Marc...
Name doesn't bother me, I've been called, and answer to a wide variety of things since I became a mom.