Sunday July 19th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's starter: basil versus basil. If you had been eating dinner with Kat and I tonight, you'd know how hilarious this prompt is.

As is... you're out of luck.


It all started so simply, that dull day in May with no way to spend our pay.

"I bet my butler could beat up your butler," I told my friend Gregory.

"Two quid on mine," he replied haughtily.

Basil squared off against Basil as we watched eagerly. Who knew that the deciding blow, don't you know, was a candlestick to the temple, it's true, after a distracting, "There's a spilled bit of tea behind you"?


Greg said...

Ah, poetical prose, subtle and enjoyable :) And the idea of the butler v butler action is quite nice too. I suppose they would be a little more genteel than the MMA....

Basil versus Basil

Basil always tries the hardest,
Basil always wants to win,
He'll do whatever winning takes,
He won't ever give in.

So we set him up a challenge,
And picked a clever foe,
He won who held his breath the longest,
After we said "Go!"

And Basil tried his hardest,
He rapidly turned blue,
But his foe was in the mirror,
So Basil lost: boo-hoo.

Marc said...

Haha, that's a great story/poem you've told there. Loved the 'boo-hoo' at the end :D