Tuesday July 7th, 2009

The exercise:

Even though I'm playing hookie from ultimate tonight (I'm tired and it's pouring rain - I need no more reasons than those) I'm still sticking with Two Haiku Tuesday.

Today's topic, appropriately enough I think, is: fairweather friend.


You're always around
When I am in need of you -
Except when it counts.

* * *

When the dark clouds part
You smile at me, my sunshine,
My only sunshine...


Greg said...

Britney's not part of my CD/iPod collection, she's from the guy I was sat next to in the French office. I had neither iPod nor CDs with me in France, just a PSP and monster-killing game :)

Ultimate in the rain tends to cause injuries doesn't it? I think skipping it, especially when you're tired, is a good idea there. Sadly I can't claim that indoors sports are any safer since I used to kickbox.

I like the first haiku, it sums up Fairweather friend perfectly!

Fairweather friend

Dark and silent, you
follow me where e'er I go
When the sun's shining

We met picnicking
And you left me as soon as
The first clouds showed up.

Marc said...

I'll choose to believe your story for now :P

Yeah, it can get pretty slippery. It can also be a lot of fun, as the ground is much nicer to slide along :)

Kickboxing, hey? I've been tempted more than a few times to try out boxing but haven't gotten around to it yet - mostly for the fitness side, not the getting punched in the face side. Why'd you stop?

I like your second haiku best :)