Tuesday July 14th, 2009

The exercise:

Kat came home tonight, so I am happy. And one of my two ultimate games tonight was a lot of fun, so that's good too.

Oh, and I've even had a story featured over on Protagonize. Not to mention a couple of One Minute Writing of the Day selections (thanks Beth!). Life is pretty good right now.

Let's write some haiku with this topic in mind: reading comprehension. I wrote the first one at work today, I'm sure you couldn't tell though.


You ask the questions,
Already having the answers -
Read the damn email.

* * *

How do I do this?
Why are there no instructions?
This is ridic... oh.


Greg said...

You're collecting trophies this month then! Congratulations :)

And how's the house move going, before I forget again?

I sympathise deeply with your first haiku, I have the same problem at work all the time.

Reading comprehension

The cat sat on the
Bayeaux Tapestry? What kind
of child's book is this?


I read it in French,
Understood it in German,
Multilingual me!

Marc said...

Thanks Greg :)

Packing and moving sucks. That's about it so far.

I reckon your second haiku is my favorite... and now we're off to get the key for reals this time. So I gotta go.