Friday July 3rd, 2009

The exercise:

The topic for this week's Four Line Prose Friday is: going into business together.


Kat and I will be spending tomorrow morning at a farmer's market, as we spend most Saturday mornings. This time will be a little different though - and not just because it will be the Osoyoos market instead of the Vancouver one.

This time we'll be behind the table, selling the vegetables that have been growing at her parent's place (we planted a lot of them when we went there May long weekend). If all goes well this summer, this will just be the beginning of a (hopefully) long and (please, please) profitable venture.


Greg said...

A writer, and now a farmer? Or, at least, a smallholder. Good luck with the venture -- and now I want to know how the selling went too!

Going into business together

J&J incorporated was founded just three years ago after the founders decided to go into business together. Their business consists mostly in water collection and distribtuion. Recently though, they've been hit with problems regarding broken heads and unexpected tumbles. Today, we're here with Jack and co-founder Jill, at the bottom of their hill, to talk about their life in business so far....

Marc said...

J&J incorporated - haha, nice.

I totally didn't see where that was going with the first two lines. I shall blame the tired on that.

Made the end all the more enjoyable though.