Wednesday July 29th, 2009

The exercise:

The prompt tonight is: the fan.

Inspired by the thing that's keeping me sane at the moment. Precious little things, fans, in times of ridiculous heat.

If the urge strikes you, please feel free to continue where mine ends.

Also, while I'm on the subject of fans, I should mention I'm a big fan of this woman. Pick any of her videos, they're all good.


"I'm a big fan of your work,"
The short little man mumbled.
"Oh! By your words I'm humbled!"
Replied the author LeJerk.

"Indeed, it's quite inspiring.
Reminds me of another's....
To be exact: my brother's."
"Oh?" said he, now perspiring.

"That's quite the coincidence!"
"Oh yes - quite funny, it is,
That your writing matches his.
But shall we drop the pretense?"

"We both know that you're a thief."
"Won't you please keep your voice down?
Now... how can I fix your frown?"
"With monetary relief."


Greg said...

Fans are wonderful things. Are you doing the old of putting a dish of ice just beneath it so it blows cold air around as well? (I have a feeling it works better if the ice is in water, but it's been a while.)

Great little poem, though plagiarism gets called 'research' if you steal from enough people... :)

Much as I like your poem, I can't think how to continue it; I ache too much to be inspired at the moment!

The fan

Goliath met up with David,
A giant and a little man,
And David tried some flattery,
"I'm your biggest fan..."

"Haha," laughed Goliath,
"One as short as you,
Shouldn't claim to be the biggest anything,
So let's see what you can do."

They went out back and played some games,
And David always cheated,
"The littler man has won at last!
Goliath is defeated!"

But there is a little epilogue,
As David staggered home,
Goliath ran him over,
And stole his mobile phone.

TAMmommy said...

Long day at work,
office hot as always,
shoes feel way too tight,
is that right?
are my feet swelling?
time to relax,
a glass of sweet tea,
the fan,
a bowl of ice and me.

Thank you Greg for mentioning the bowl of ice trick, it inspired this little ditty.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Her face, 'twas all but hidden from my sight
Just behind that light and silken fan
The only thing I could behold: two eyes,
And oh! Most beautiful of all the land!

A wooded brown, but so alight with fire!
I could only dream up her 'gelic face.
Simply melting my heart of tempered iron,
She stole it then, just leaving want in place.

Hidden by that dark blue, black-laced fan,
She ran her fiery eyes over my form
Reduced to puddle I was, no more man,
Oh, f'only if those eyes turned not to scorn!

Alas, the prize that could never be mine:
The girl behind the fan whose eyes did shine.
It's hard to write a sonnet about unrequited love-at-first-sight, especially if the writer knows absolutely nothing about such love.

But hey! At least it involves a fan!

Marc said...

Greg - now why didn't I think of that? Definitely making use of an ice bucket next time.

And what do you ache from? I hope you're feeling better today!

Haha, that was great. Wonderfully unexpected epilogue as well :)

Tam - oh, excellent! A comment inspiring another bit of writing! That makes me quite happy.

And I thought you didn't do poetry? That was great! I really liked those last three lines in particular.

g2 - aren't you the little romantic, then? :D

I like this line best:

"She stole it then, just leaving want in place."

Very well done!