Saturday July 11th, 2009

The exercise:

I'm going out with some friends tonight to watch UFC 100 at a pub and I'm pretty pumped for it. This will be my first live viewing of a UFC pay-per-view; I usually just watch the one or two matches I'm interested in online after the fact.

But this one is special. There are four fights I want to see, and two I can't wait to see: Mir vs Lesnar and St. Pierre (Go Canada Go!) vs Alves. Plus it's number 100 and the UFC is going all out for this milestone.

So for a four line poem topic this week, you get: fight night.


The cage door locks,
The round clock tocks;
Go show your might -
This is fight night.


Greg said...

Well I'm rooting for Michael Bisping :) I noticed that the MMA magazines are doing special 100th UFC issues in the newsagents yesterday, but so far I've held off buying any. It would just make me regretful that I'm not kickboxing atm.

Fight Night

And in the red corner it's the man of the minute,
Preparing to punch to the death,
In the blue corner it's the man of la Mancha
With his lethal morning-breath!

Marc said...

Oh dear, Bisping got knocked the *expletive deleted* out. After all the talking he'd been doing, I have to admit it was pretty satisfying :)

Great poem, by the way. Lethal morning-breath is not to be messed with for sure.