Wednesday July 22nd, 2009

The exercise:

Your startere du jour: I don't need this.


My eyelids already weigh ten pounds,
I don't need your dull and droning sounds.
I can fall asleep all on my own -
There is no need for your monotone.

Please don't think that my raucous snoring
Means that I consider you boring;
But... okay, go ahead and think that,
Because it truly is a proven fact.

But what concerns me right here and now
Is that if I carelessly allow
Sleep to win this battle most dire...
I will get my sleepy ass fired.


Greg said...

Was that an afternoon meeting by any chance? They're the worst -- after a carb-filled lunch, they just make you so sleepy.... It's a good poem though, reminds me of far too many afternoon meetings I've had. I'm getting quite skilled about yawning discretely.

First two lines of the second verse are my favourites :)

I don't need this

It's not charity.
Don't give me your cast-offs,
Your hand-me-downs.
I don't need this.
I see through your acts
Like they're made of glass
And it's not rose-tinted.
Its not generosity,
You're just a lazy cow
Who can't be bothered to throw
Her own rubbish out.
So take it away, take it all back,
I'm happy with all that I lack,
I don't need this.

Marc said...

Yeah, post-lunch meetings are the worst idea ever. But no, this was a first thing in the morning one. Started at 8 am and went to 11:30 am, the last 1.5 hours of which were back to back boring presentations.

I have no idea how I stayed awake.

"I see through your acts
Like they're made of glass
And it's not rose-tinted."

Very nicely done sir.