Friday July 31st, 2009

The exercise:

The topic for this week's Four Line Friday Prose: pen and paper.

The laptop isn't coming with me this weekend, so I have to go old school :)


The convenience of technology has come between paper and me recently. Why write it out and then type it out when you can skip the middle step, no matter where you might be?

Because the connection between your soul and the words is not as firm - the keyboard gets in the way, makes the experience less authentic. This weekend the hollow clack of keys is being replaced by the soothing sound of pen waltzing across notebook pages... and I think my writing will benefit from it.


Greg said...

Nothing really beats writing with pen and paper -- there are so many different kinds of pens to use, so many different textures of papers. It's not long before you begin to see that, like art, poetry can benefit as well from the choice of writing tool and medium. My favourite pens to date are any colour of Pilot G-TEC C4, with their nibs so fine I won't lend them out because they break too easily, and a classic fountain pen.
As for paper -- cartridge paper, used by artists for sketching works well for me; but for many pens it's too absorbent.


Hmm, the above was supposed to be commentary, but I think it fits the topic rather well, so it's becoming my contribution instead :)

Marc said...

You totally just made me want to continue writing on paper.

I'll at least have to do it more than I have been since I bought the laptop - this weekend was quite nice.