Tuesday June 30th, 2009

The exercise:

Welcome to the end of June and to the second edition of Two Haiku Tuesday.

This week's topique: the doctor's office.

Kat and I are heading off to the Okanagan tomorrow and I won't be coming back until Sunday. I'm going to try to schedule enough posts to cover while I'm gone but I probably won't be able to include all of my takes on the prompts until I get back.

I'll have more details on the trip later but for now... be safe and see you soon :)


I'm out here waiting
For the doctor to see me -
The clock ticks backwards.

* * *

I'm here due to stress,
But all this waiting around
Sure ain't helping me.


Greg said...

Have fun in the Okanagan -- will be getting pictures on your return?

I like your haikus, the second one is pretty much perfect.

The Doctor's Office

Sick people gather
And exchange germs together
I'd rather stay home

The doctor dislikes
My frequent visits to him
He wants me to die

Salynne Wilde said...

Have a wonderful time on holiday!

A flu brings me here
Waiting to see the Doctor
“It’s nothing, relax!”

Built up in my mind
Never something that is benign
Could it be cancer?

June Freaking Cleaver said...

Managed Care:

The psychiatrist
Fifteen minutes to inquire
About mental health

Prescriptions in hand,
we schedule next month's time slot
Repeat as needed

Marc said...

Greg - ha, I quite like your first one!

Salynne - thanks very much, it was really lovely :)

Your second one is a pretty apt description of why I try to avoid doctors.

June: I really like your second one - the cynical tone is perfect.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your take!