Monday June 8th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's starter shall be: the blood test.

Hurray for giant, blood sucking needles! Le sigh.


The doctor stepped back with a gasp,
The patient loosed a wheezing rasp,
The nurse ran screaming from the room,
The cleaner hid behind his broom.
The mother collapsed with a thud -
Merely at the sight of green blood.


Greg said...

You Canadians are the fore-runners of Vulcans then? I could actually believe that....

It's a great little poem though :)

The blood test

I sat in the corner holding back tears,
My blood test results had come through.
They'd only confirmed my very worst fears,
My blood was cleverer than me too.

Marc said...

Well I can say, with great confidence, that I did not see that last line coming.

Awesome :)