Saturday June 6th, 2009

The exercise:

The topic of the poem, which shall consist of four lines, no more, no less, is: tea for two.

Ah, drawing inspiration from the moment. :)


One cup for me,
One cup for you.
Oh how I love
Our daily tea for two.


Greg said...

Ah tea :) I prefer coffee myself, it helps me sleep.

That's a really good little poem, it could easily be the first verse of a nursery rhyme.

Tea for two

You've been dancing in the rain all night long,
Clothes plastered now to wet skin like glue,
You toss your hair and your eyes flash a hint of danger,
All I have to offer is tea for two.

Bunny said...

Tea for two
That's me and you
Side by side
We're warmed from the inside

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

The "sapiness" implied with the whole "té para dos" thing just got my slippery inner-cynic going.
Your constant togetherness makes me sick,
You and your tea just for two.
I think I may just finally stick
Myself between you and, ACK, you.

Marc said...

Greg - coffee helps you... I won't ask. I liked yours though :)

Bunny - good to see you back here! Lovely little poem, thanks for sharing :)

g2 - Lol. That's... yeah, that's all :)