Tuesday June 23rd, 2009

The exercise:

I've decided, just this afternoon in fact, that with my Tuesday nights taken up by ultimate this summer I really need to keep the writing short on this night. So I'm introducing a new theme night, to go along with Four Line Prose Friday and Four Line Poem Saturday, that will last for the rest of the summer.

So, without further ado, I bring you: Two Haiku Tuesdays.

Today's topic: sensationalist journalism.


Don't go calling it
A "Father's Day Massacre"
When only two die

* * * *

He was caught cheating?
Someone else was arrested?
Call me when they're rich.


Greg said...

I really, really like your first haiku. Possibly because it's something I'd say too :)

I quite like your theme nights, although part of me is dreading you deciding to have a seventies theme night and me having to try and write something witty about cheese-and-pineapple-sticks or shrimp cocktail.... That's not inspiration either, by the way!

Sensationalist journalism

Lies sell more papers,
It's too expensive to sue,
I didn't kill him.


That's not a story!
Where's the pervert and her dog?
This is boring now.

Salynne Wilde said...

Marc-I love the Father's day massacre haiku and Greg I especially love the line "Lies sell more papers". Sensationalist Journalism just happens to be a pet peeve of mine-especially the "probablity hounds". My haiku's need to be linked to make best sense.

An earthquake in Nice
Will Vancouver be the next?
Will it happen here?

Guesses are not news
Cut the probability
Tell me something real

Marc said...

Greg - one seventies theme night, coming up! ;)

And yes, lies do sell more papers, don't they?

Salynne - thanks :)

When I saw the headline my first reaction was, 'oh my God, how is this the first I've heard of this?'

And then I read the story and got really, really mad.

I really like your second haiku, and I think it stands on its own just fine. :)