Friday June 26th, 2009

The exercise:

The topic for this week's Four Line Prose is: an afternoon at the golf course.

Just a quick reminder: Four Line Prose is exactly that - you have four sentences, no more, no less, to convey a scene, a story, a whatever.

Have fun and have a great weekend!


I joined my department at work yesterday for an afternoon of golf. Team building and all that good stuff, you know?

Unfortunately it was a full length, 18 hole course, and not mini-golf.

Fortunately my team won anyway* - and I've got a silly little trophy on my desk at work to prove it.

*I had very little to do with this.


Jackrs said...

Well that only took like five minutes. And that's what I want in a prompt I'm reading at 12:15AM.


The course spreads out: manicured green all in front of me. Behind, the water restrictions have bleached the grass yellow. I’m paying hundreds to walk in shoe-shod feet across the soft expanse, yelling at cursing at my swing. They’re paying nothing to dance and prance with feet bare on the prickly former greenery, children on the first day of summer.

Greg said...

Didn't some wit once claim that golf was a way to ruin a perfectly good walk? I like golf, but I never play so I'm dreadful at it. Still, well done on being part of a winning team!

An afternoon at the golf course.

Sylvestra glared at Dr. Septopus, swinging her golf club with the casual grace of a serial killer. Dr. Septopus shuffled back nervously, his golf clubs clattering together.
"I think," said Sylvestra acidly, "that using more than one club at once is cheating."
Dr. Septopus thought of the fourteen golfers that Sylvestra had so far maimed on their way round just six holes, and decided to agree.

Marc said...

Jack - good to see you here :)

I love the contrast between golfer and children - well done indeed.

Greg - I believe I've heard that before and I'm not sure I can disagree. I'm much happier on a mini-golf course, but I still had a decent time doing a full course.

I'm quite enjoying the regular Dr. Septopus stories, I must admit. I am most curious about this Slyvestra though :)