Monday June 1st, 2009

The exercise:

Wow, welcome to June already. Zoom zoom goes the year.

Today's starter: dreaming of you.

Inspiration: I had a really vivid dream this morning, which is odd in and of itself seeing as I very rarely remember dreaming at all. But there was a person in this dream that I just... need to write a story about. The story behind this person really snagged my imagination. Hopefully I'll be able to find time to get some of my ideas down on paper before they're gone for good.

Today won't be that day. Tomorrow isn't looking great either. Perhaps I'll just make some quick notes for myself before bed.


Whenever I fall asleep
There's one promise I can't keep:
Not to dream a dream of you.

My eyelids simply can't hide
Me from you - trust me I've tried.
You have yet to miss your cue.

If only our sleeping words
In the day would be as birds
And sing proudly in plain view.


Greg said...

You're teasing us, Marc! Your dream sounds quite intriguing, if you write the story over on Protagonize you'll have to tell us which one it is :)

I dream a lot, but I have periods of remembering them and periods of not remembering them. I enjoy them, they're usually pretty odd.

Dreaming of you

It's cold in here, and scary dark,
I'm trying to dream of you.
A man is watching, he's got a gun,
I wish I knew what I had done,
I'm trying to sleep, I've closed my eyes,
I'm doing my best to stifle my cries,
It's cold in here and scary dark,
And I'm trying to dream of you.

The dream comes slowly and fills my head,
With a sense of wonder and a kind of dread.
I know there's danger, you shouldn't be here,
But I can't break free unless you're near,
Take my hand and dream me away,
To a secret place and another day,
The dream comes slowly and makes me tired,
And somewhere else a gun is fired....

Tracy said...

Dreaming of you...

It's rather unbelievable that two years ago I dreamt of you, out of nowhere, and from complete imagination. I remember waking and thinking about how you don't exist, because surely I would know. See, I have visited every part of your world, I have sailed on your water, drank from your soil's cup, and fell in love at your feet.

If you existed, surely I would know.

Yet today as I traveled, your stone walls appeared in glimpses, between trees and wrought iron fences. The sun shone down, bathing your sacred space in a golden glow. You were a heavenly vision. I knew in an instant, it was you.

So I walked your paths, I explored your forest, whispered secrets at your doorways, bowed my head before your altar, and peeked into your crypt. I stood at your balcony, and looked over the water I've sailed, the Earth that birthed my full cup, and felt profound gratitude for the true love I found at your feet.

Dreaming of you is surely Divine Inspiration...

Marc said...

Greg - oh I will. I did jot down a few things last night, hopefully I'll get something going properly tomorrow.

The funny thing is that the scene that sealed the deal, that ensured the story would be told, will take a long, long time to arrive.

Your poem is fantastic, by the way. It has a frenetic pace to it, for me, and those final two lines are pitch perfect.

Tracy - oh, that was just lovely. I really enjoyed that, thank you for sharing :)