Wednesday June 24th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's prompt: leaving home.


After just over two years in our current place, Kat and I are moving into a new apartment next month. This is the longest either of us have been anywhere since we each left home, and it kind of has that same feeling to it.

Our landlords have been wonderful, easily the best I've ever had. We love this neighborhood, we love our place... but we don't love how much we're paying for it.

So we're moving into a smaller place that's going to cost us a whole lot less each month since it's a one bedroom and this is (only) technically a two. We'll both also be a lot closer to work - it's probably going to cut my commute in half and Kat will have a more-than-short but less-than-long walk to school.

Things are going to be getting busy around here - we have the new place as of July 15th and we've got a fair bit to take care of between now and then. But don't worry - I always make time for my Daily Writing. I hope you do too :)


Greg said...

Oh wow, moving house... isn't that the second most stressful thing you can do? Good luck with it though, and it sounds like you're moving to a better place overall.
Normally I'd offer to help out with the move if you needed it, but it might be a tad tricky with you in Vancouver ;-)
But still, if there's anything I can do remotely, let me know!

Leaving home

We packed up all our bags and said goodbye,
Found a fast car, bright and red
Hot-wired it, floored it, left the cops for dead,
And we were in Missouri three days later.

We sat out under unrelenting sun,
Eating locusts,
Finding focus,
Wondering what we'd begun.

"When we left, you said you'd never go back,"
said Joel with a cheeky grin,
I nodded; what I begin
I always take to Missouri to finish.

Driving away, alone in a stolen fast car,
Leaving behind an unmarked grave,
Admiring just how brave,
Joel had been, it felt like leaving home.

Marc said...

Yeah, it's gonna be stressful as hell. Worth it though. I hope.

I like your poem muchly. I almost didn't catch what happened in that final stanza :)