Sunday June 14th, 2009

The exercise:

We had a car free event in the neighborhood this afternoon - thirteen blocks of one of the busier streets in Vancouver were closed to vehicular traffic and opened up to pedestrians only. More of that please.

So the prompt today is: no cars allowed.


You can come riding a horse,
Or a bicycle of course;
Be launched like a shot put,
Or you can get there by foot;
You can arrive on a cloud...
But there are no cars allowed.


Greg said...

The car-free thing sounds interesting -- how bad was the traffic elsewhere, if one of the busier streets were closed off?

No cars allowed

Miles and miles of tarmac,
Stretching out as far as we can see,
One hundred thousand people walking,
No-one smiling, no-one talking,
Each one aware that they're a refugee.
Each one defiantly being proud,
Each one tired, no cars allowed.
Miles and miles of tarmac,
Stretching out as far as we can see.

Marc said...

Yeah, that would be the problem. It just diverted a lot of traffic elsewhere. The street party was fun though!

Intriguing little scene you've created. What, I wonder to myself, are they refugees from... and why? Hmm. Hmm, I say.