Friday June 12th, 2009

The exercise:

The topic for this week's edition of Four Line Friday Prose is: the installation.

Have a happy weekend everybody :)


Hidden deep in the decaying woods of Pucario the plain grey building lurks, patiently awaiting its next visitor. There are thick, greedy vines grasping at its walls, rotting leaves fill its gutters, and twisted weeds choke its walkways. The front door is rusted shut, never to open again to anything less than the hand of God. But that is of no concern to the man who is approaching slowly from the north, for he knows where the real entrance lies.


Greg said...

Hmm, this plain grey building is interesting... I think I might continue your prose and hope you're not offended! Have a good weekend too, the weather is threatening to be sunny this weekend so mine should be ok.

The installation (contd.)

He lays a cold hand on the rear wall, feeling for a roughness, and when he finds it he uses it to deftly climb the wall. He is long-limbed and climbs like a spider with the same disconcerting speed. The roof has a large, iron-grilled skylight and a much smaller, padlocked trapdoor. Through the skylight the man can see the upper gallery, the pedestals and the skulls set thereon.

Marc said...

I'd never be offended by your interest in continuing something I've written :)

I quite like it, particularly this line: "He is long-limbed and climbs like a spider with the same disconcerting speed."