Saturday June 27th, 2009

The exercise:

Kat and I went strawberry picking this morning and brought back a nice haul. Somewhere around the thirteen pound mark. Yum:

The topic for today's four line poem? Strawberries.


So many shades of red,
Each with its own flavor.
I have to try them all,
But each one I'll savor.


Greg said...

Those strawberries look fantastic! Will you be making strawberry jam then? I remember picking strawberries when I was a kid and my mother then turning them into jam that would last through until at least autumn.

Regarding yesterday's comment about Sylvestra, this is the only piece of writing I've got that explains her a little more:


His face always reminded of fruit,
Lumpy like a pear, rosy-cheeked like an apple,
And now red and squishy as an overripe strawberry,
There are wrecking balls with which one shouldn't grapple.

Rose said...

MMMM I love strawberries!! :D Cute little poem you got going on there! :) Here's mine...

Cream Teas

An english tradition,
A summer edition,
For picnics n' road trips,
For lasses n' the masses

Originated in Devon,
They taste like heaven,
Just spread on the scones
the butter with a cutter.

Then smear on the cream,
thick as a dream,
Cram on strawb'ry jam,
Then pop on the top.

Boil the kettle,
Leave the tea to settle,
Pour out n share out,
Tuck in...After: stomach in!

(I just realised that cream teas don't actually have fresh strawberries with them, but all the same, strawberries are jolly nice with the clotted cream and a nice cuppa!! :D )

Rose @>}-----

Rose said...

p.s. Also, (forgot to add lol) sorry it's not a four line a bit carried! :D

Marc said...

Greg - most likely we'll just be freezing these and enjoying them until next summer. Along with the blueberries, blackberries, and possibly raspberries we'll also be freezing :)

And... I demand that your next Septopus story includes Green Lightbulb. He's awesome.

Your poem made me cringe and laugh at the same time. Well done :)

Rose - don't apologize for going over the 'limit'! Who am I to stop your creative flow? :P

I'm glad you did - that was excellent. I quite liked the "Then smear on the cream,thick as a dream" bit.