Saturday June 13th, 2009

The exercise:

Write a four line poem with this as your starter: at the beach.


I'll write mine when I get home. Because I'm going to spend the afternoon and evening... at the beach. Genius, I know.

Update: Alright, that was good times. Here we go.

Take our bikes for a slow ride,
Meet at the beach at low tide,
Feel the sand between our toes,
Forget which way the hour goes.


Ana Cristina said...

You lucky! It's been raining nonstop almost every day here, so no beach for us until it clears. Here's my offering:

At the beach I watch seagulls
Flirt with gravity.
I can feel all my problems fading as
I lift my face to receive the sun.

Marc said...

Oh, we have had sooo much sun here. It has been crazy good. And completely not typical of Vancouver, at any time of year.

I love the first two lines of yours. I can spend hours watching birds dip and dive. Especially when it's windy.

Greg said...

Going to the beach here pretty much means popping down to Brighton, so tends to be a long weekend thing rather than an afternoon thing. I'm slightly envious of you though!

The last line of your poem is lovely, really captures the sensation of an afternoon at the beach :) And I agree completely about Ana's poem too.

At the beach

Last time we were at the beach you lost your mother,
And I built a sand-castle taller than me,
This time, you've just lost your brother,
And I'm watching you swim out to sea.

Cynthia said...

The beach?
Not here!
Within my reach
Only photos, My Dear.

Marc said...

Greg - that's a shame, living within a short bike ride of the beach in a summer like this is ridiculously nice.

Quite the little scene you've created with yours. Though I wonder whether 'lost' is meant in a misplaced sense, or passed away sense.

Cynthia: I like the rhythm of that a lot :) Looks like I'll have to enjoy the beach for you too!

Crazy Mo said...

The cacophony of shrill sound
screeching high in the air
competes with voices on the ground
laughing, “Look Mom, over here!”

Marc said...

Crazy Mo - haha, I like that a lot. Great final line :)

Thanks for sharing!