Thursday June 4th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's prompt: the report.

Yeah, I was doing too much reporting paperwork today.


"I'll need that report on my desk by noon," said the Man in the Moon.

"Noon is too soon by far!" shrieked the Twinkling Star.

"What? What!? You've known this deadline was coming for at least a year!" bellowed the Man as he leaned quite near.

"A little more time, I beg you! Just one more extension?" pleaded the Star with great apprehension.

"No, I say no more! Have the report done or I'll snuff you out!" the Moon pronounced with an echoing shout.

"Yes, Sir Moon, it shall be done by noon, and not a moment later," mumbled the Star as he made plans to escape to Earth's equator.

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