Tuesday June 9th, 2009

The exercise:

Well. One full year of writing every day. It's kind of an odd feeling to have reached this little 'milestone' to be honest. It doesn't really feel like an accomplishment at this point. Writing every day is just what I do.

Regardless of how I might feel about it, I'm still going to mark the occasion. So today's prompt, if you care to indulge, is: a year in review.


Writing every day for a year is bound to produce some right awful crap. And it has. But there are some good creations to be found in that pile, if one is willing to get very, very dirty.

Lucky for you, I am. So here, in date order, are some of my highlights from the year. Both my own and from others.

Surprisingly it only took two days of practice before I wrote something I really liked. Looking back at it now, I can see a story developing from it. Hmm.

Geez, I wrote a lot more prose back then. Obviously before I went and joined Protagonize.

Okay, seriously. I was like Mr. Prose. This is going to take a long time to get through.

I would be remiss not to mention one of my favorite Def Poetry Jam Friday posts.

So much prose. I had totally forgotten about this one. It makes me smile.

Ooh, a poem! This is one that still makes me laugh.

A little bit about me on my 30th birthday, originally written at a writing workshop. Remains one of my favorite pieces of writing.

This one I'm pointing out mostly due to Ana's comment. But I'm also quite fond of the writing itself :)

Oh I quite like this. Did I really write that? Huh.

This legitimately made me laugh out loud. Still does, sadly.

I think these might be my favorite haiku that I've written here :)

I still like the peace that permeates this piece.

It's sad but I still like it. I'm allowed to be sad every now and again. Plus that was the post that sparked g2's poetry craze :)

God, this still cracks me up. How embarrassing.

This too, actually.

Okay, that's enough of that. I won't do any within the last month, that would be silly. And that took so long that I'll have to do a separate post on my favorite comments. Perhaps tomorrow. I hope you all found something you enjoyed in all that.

And thank you, from the bottom of my little heart, for reading and sharing your own writing over the past year. Let's keep it going :)


Greg said...

I think there's more good in your last year's writing here than you're admitting to! After all, I keep coming here to see what you've written, and you have a good 40 followers now, so you must be doing something right.
I did enjoy the potted highlights of the year, and there were some in there I'd not read before, so it was really pleasant.
No original writing from me today as I think it would spoil your retrospective. I will say that my favourite is probably one you've linked to in your post already:

Keep up the good work though, you can only get better!

Greg said...

Oops, forgot to say, I have commented on Monday's post; you took me by surprise by putting Tuesday's up so early!


Ana Cristina said...

Congratulations on completing a year of posts! I've enjoyed reading and contributing here. :-D

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Congrats on the one year, 'Loo! The tone of this piece made it seem like the blog was a box of old stuff up in an eclectic old attic, and you pulled things out seemingly at random to show some curious stranger. And this particular stranger is exceedingly familiar with the prompt that... well, prompted the poetry "craze." (I prefer to think of it as a "challenge," thank you.)
[Oh! More-or-less completely irrelevant, but I forgot to mention! A few weeks ago I actually found a flower that reminded me of aforementioned prompt! I'll have to load that pic at some point...]

I'll have to look through these gems later... I've got test practice to do, although I'd much rather dig through this stuff than practice for the standardized test I have on Saturday.

Again, ¡felicidades!

Marc said...

Greg - thank you very much :)

And there was certainly more I could have picked out but I was doing it last night and it was getting late so I had to start skimming. Glad there was some stuff in there you hadn't seen before - I tried to pull more from the really old stuff, before too many people were visiting.

Ana - thank you and it's been a pleasure to have you here :D

g2- hah, excellent. Exactly the mood I was going for. And please do post that picture, I'd love to see it!