Wednesday June 17th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's prompt was, oddly enough, inspired by something said at one point during the three hours of meetings that started my workday today. So I guess it wasn't all bad then.

Here you go: safety first.


"Cyanide - that will quench my raging thirst!"
No my child, we must think of safety first.
"But if I don't drink then my throat will burst!"
And then back to health you'll have to be nursed.

"To have you for a mom I must be cursed!"
Oh, in witchcraft I am very well versed.
"What must I do to get this jinx reversed?"
Try holding your breath until it's dispersed.


Greg said...

Hehe, you'd have to be quick to nurse someone back to health after drinking cyanide! 'Safety first!' sounds like something someone unbearably cheerful would come out with.

Great little poem, I'm very impressed you managed to find enough rhymes for it. And just as impressed that you got it all to make sense too :)

Safety first

Today we're meeting Mad Max
and Emily the Demented
In the tomb where they've been cemented
For the last one hundred and fifty years.
Safety is paramount so be sure you wear
Bright green clothes, and dye your hair,
And don't get close to Emily's ears.
She used to kill people till we locked her away,
But now she kills mice up to ten times a day,
And Max pretends that he likes her.
We're letting you in to ask her where
She buried her sister with long blonde hair
And why she claims not to care.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

~Safty Last~

"Dude. You've washed your hands five times in the past hour. What's your issue?"
"I'm not taking any chances, with this whole... flu thing going around."
"Y'mean swine flu?"
"SHH!!! Don't say that! It's bad luck! Now, can you hand my my sanitizer?"
"You do realize that that stuff kills only 99.9 percent, right?"
"You kidding? That's good!"
"Not really. Really, this whole things's been driving me nuts. Don't you ever wonder what happens to that .01 percent?"
"They live and reproduce! Then that sanitizer won't work anymore."
"But wait, there's more, my friend!"
"I don't know if I can bear it..."
"Well, you're gonna have to, because it's truth. If we keep isolating ourselves, sealing ourselves in sterile bubbles, the attempt to kill all bacteria will result in hyper-speed natural selection, automatically selecting for their strenghtening, while our immune systems, in our attempts to protect them, crumble and deteriorate."
"So, you're saying that in our attempt to maintain perfect health and erradicate disease we're actually setting ourselves up for our own demise?"
"...Well, still, that doesn't stop me from wanting to get rid of bacteria. They do nothing good for us, any within us should all die!"
"You realize that without the millions of bacteria in our guts we wouldn't be able to digest and would therefore starve?"
"... Remind me never to talk science with you ever again."
Yes, germaphobes irk me. Yes, the whole swine flu hysteria's driving me up the wall. Yes, our sterilization tendancies are expediating natural selection for superbacteria; in other words it could lead to our demise. Yes, that last bit about the bacteria in the intestines is true.

Why yes, I do like to prematurely answer affirmative/negative questions. Why do you ask?

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, that making sense thing? Very touch and go at the end there :P

Bizarre story you've conveyed there. I like it!

g2 - germaphobes make me laugh. A friend of mine, I think it's her cousin, had a child and wouldn't let her anywhere near him unless she had just showered. Not just washed her hands. Showered.

Immune system on that kid? Non-existent if that keeps up.

Anywho. Thank you for sharing your germ lesson with us :)