Monday June 29th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's starter is: eyewitness.

Warning: mine fell out of the random tree and hit every other branch on the way down.


I spy with my little eye,
A criminal walking by.
Oh I know he's dressed real fine,
But trust me - he's stealing time.

With not a boo nor a hoo,
He's stolen mine, and yours too:
I wasted time writing him,
And you lost time reading him.


Greg said...

Your second stanza suggests that you weren't too keen on writing this poem; lack of time, or lack of inspiration? The first one is great though!


There is a little camera, at the bottom of my street,
That watches all the places where the little people meet,
We're using it to evolve them, to select for genetic fitness,
It's a technological miracle, my pocket-sized iWitness.

We gun down all the weaklings, we cull them just like cattle,
We don't think of them as people, but as baggage or as chattel,
We're making them much stronger, improving species fitness,
And it's all been made possible with my pocket-sized iWitness.

Jackrs said...

Sometimes I stare into the sky,
or watch in anticipation as cars drive by,
waiting for an accident to happen.

My eyes won't be averted,
and, though it seems quite perverted,
I'm waiting for an accident to happen.

So after the tragedy has taken it's toll
and the news cameras start to roll
I'm there, having waited for an accident to happen.

But what happens when the witness
is witnessed instead?
I'm an accident waiting to happen.

Marc said...

Greg - there was a little bit of that but I also decided that my ending was rather clever. It's usually a bad sign when I think something I write is clever :P

iWitness! That's brilliant.

Jack - I'm loving the variations on the final line in each stanza. Very effectively done.