Monday November 9th, 2009

The exercise:

Yup, officially sick.

Today's prompt: calling in sick.

NaNo Word Count: 19,544
NaNo Target: 15,002


My Dear Boss,
I won't be able to come in today,
This stupid cold just will not go away!
I got plenty of rest and drank my tea,
I tried every herb from across the sea;
But here I am at the start of the week -
My nose has run off, I can hardly speak!
So if you need my help with your report,
I can be reached at Shangri-La Resort.
Signed, Aunt Ross


Greg said...

Aww, poor Eloo! I hope you're not out sick for long, and that it's not hindering your NaNoWriMoWriTing either. That said, you seem to be well ahead of the game on your word count, so if you only manage a thousand words today you'll still be doing ok.

I dropped you an email by the way, don't know if you've seen it yet. It explains that I'm really not ignoring you :)

Calling in sick

My room is dark and my head is hot,
There's a steady tick, tick, tick
From that wretched clock.
The time never passes, the hands never move,
I lie, stuck in someone else's groove,
I'm never ill, I don't succumb!
When plague breaks out, I'm always the one
Who's stood with the sick people,
Laughing and joking,
I'm not a person who ends up bruised and broken.
This disease cannot have me, I will not give in,
I shall force my face into a rictal grin,
And instead of calling in sick to work,
I shall just go in.
And infect the rest of you.

Sabrina said...

That was a hilarious poem, Greg! I've always thought people who tell stories about how they "never call in sick" are basically admitting they're so OCD and selish they've inoculated the rest of us countless times! Ha ha.


Bridgette was pretty, but not necessarily intelligent.
She called in sick
With the added misadventure of a broken down car.
"It won't drive," she moaned, "even if I could find the strength to come."
Too bad Bridgette forgot she was dumb,
And had gotten a ride after work last night,
And her car was in the parking lot for all of us to see.
@#!&&%# Bridgette.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks; things seem to be progressing steadily with NaNo but it was certainly an effort to write today.

I did get your email, just haven't had time to respond yet. Thanks for dropping me a note though :)

Those final two lines are a great ending to your poem.

Sabrina - agreed :)

Yours made me laugh out loud, which is definitely an accomplishment when I'm feeling under the weather.

I used to work with someone that would come to work late everyday, usually calling 'on the way in' while 'stuck in traffic'.

Apparently he didn't know there were traffic cameras on the web, several of which were located where he claimed to be stuck - and showing absolutely no gridlock.