Friday August 13th, 2010

The exercise:

Hey, look at that: it's Friday the 13th today. Sorry, I only just noticed.

Anyway! It is also four lines of prose day here, as it is every week. This time around I want you to exaggerate.

Give me four lines of silly, over the top, nonsensical exaggerations. The weekend has arrived - let's have some fun!

My first one is an actual thought that went through my head this morning. The rest I made up just now.


The nice thing about our cucumbers is that they're so big I don't even have to look for them when I go to pick them - they look for me.

*   *   *

The wind was blowing so hard you could actually see it as it went past you - looked kinda like small children and large cats, I was surprised to see.

*   *   *

There's a weed in our garden that has roots so deep they're harvested by a farmer in China; I hear he makes a tidy profit selling them to tourists as aphrodisiacs.

*   *   *

It's hot enough outside to bake a turkey.


g-squared said...

I think the last one's my favorite, something about it just strikes me the right way.
- - - - -
His skull's so thick, it makes the earth's crust look like that of a pizza.
- - - - -
The arches towered over my head, reminding me of the mountain of paperwork I had sitting at home, and I couldn't help but wonder how either could stand that high.
- - - - -
When he'd vaguely described the tree, I envisioned a great, magnificent tree, stretching out its low, wide branches in grandfatherly welcome, inviting those willing to take a chance to come sit up in its limbs. When I saw it in person, however, the tree resembled my vision as the scrawny, imbalanced, washed-up sibling might resemble my personification.
- - - - -
Oh! Three suggestions for prompts: alliteration, blank verse (unrhymed iambic pentameter), and personification. Just a thought.

Heather said...

Marc- My sister was muddied and had the breath knocked out of her, but was otherwise fine. We were both more upset about the mow being off-limits from that point on.

Can't decide which sentence I like best. All are well done, but I lean toward the 2nd and 3rd most.

G- Only 3? I would have loved to read another one. The paperwork one was certainly my favorite. I have that pile sitting on my desk right now.
His hatred for her grew dark enough it eclipsed the moon on a bright summer's day, baffling astrologists to the end of time.

Her breath was so strong, she knocked over an entire squadron with one blown kiss; the military referred to it as the kiss of death.

My daughter is so persistent and stubborn she is likely to dominate the world by the time she is sixteen. (The only exaggeration is that she could rule the world by thirteen.)

The child was so sweet, he melted in the rain.

Zhongming said...

Marc - Well written, i like all of them :)

g-squared - I like your first one, nicely done :)

Heather - Thanks for your comment the other day, on my post :)
Good to see that you are back with some excellent writings again!
I am a fan of yours and have been following your blog for awhile. Your writings are really good! I like the way you write with original detail :)


Nobody knew but this body builder is bigger than a dinosaur.

That five carat diamond ring is the biggest thing in front of me compared to the world.

Writings by Hemmingway is so small, black and white, yet it is the biggest and most colorful thing i have ever seen.

His strength is as strong as a cow.

Marc said...

g2 - I think I like your second best, though your third is definitely up there.

And thank you for the prompt suggestions :)

Heather - glad to hear that things turned out okay - other than the new off limits area :)

Two and four are my favorites. I can't choose between them, so it's a tie.

Zhongming - thanks, and I really like your first one :)

Greg said...

Wow, everyone's are so good! I'm not sure I can compete, especially being so late to the party, but:

Julia's cooking is so good that cows, hens, and pigs queue up at her door begging to become dinner.


His enthusiasm was so contagious that people in the next country were deliriously happy with no idea why.


He was so religious that God sent archangels to him for answers on questions of theology.


She mumbled so much only moles could understand her.

Marc said...

Greg - late, but fashionably late I see :)

Your first two are truly fantastic, I can't chose between them!