Saturday August 21st, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: leftovers.

We had a decent market this morning but there were a few things leftover at the end of the day. So we called up the restaurant, which is conveniently located between the market and home, and asked if they'd be interested in taking them at a discounted price.

Which they were, because the chefs love our produce.

I think now would be a good time to mention that the executive and sous chefs at the restaurant are two of the most easy going, nice guys I've ever met. All those TV cooking shows with the angry, temperamental cooks is just a bag of lies, as best I can tell.

Well, no. I have heard some pretty terrible stories about other restaurants (mostly in Vancouver). But that is just not the story here. And I'm quite thankful for that.

I... should get on with my writing.


No, not the lasagna -
Anything but that, I beg!
It was tasty the first time,
But now it's grown a leg!


Greg said...

Now that's a sign of good organisation -- having somewhere to offer the veggies after the market! I am curious now -- have you ever eaten at this restaurant? Seems like a good way to find out what wonders can be worked with the vegetables of your labours :)

From what I've read, all kitchens are different but they're all long, hard jobs. Sounds like you've got a good restaurant there though.

Ah, your lasagne is returning to life; zombi-lasagne? I should check if zombi is italian for zombie but I'm feeling lazy this morning.


"Dad, what's the opposite of leftovers?"
My son had a puzzled look on his face,
"I think that's called a write-off," I said,
Pushing his cooking away in distaste.

Marc said...

Yeah, I took Kat there for a final 'fiancee' date a few days before the wedding. The food was great (the dessert in particular!) and the view was amazing.

I do believe your poem just taught me something new! I like that, write-off being the opposite of leftovers :)