Tuesday August 3rd, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the resort.

Note: this is a scheduled post. I'll be back tomorrow, with wedding and honeymoon news. And perhaps a picture or two. If you've all been good in my absence.


Breakfast included,
great views, haunted by hungry
ghosts... sounds good to me!

*     *     *

Sitting on the beach,
I listen to the wind and
converse with the clouds.


Greg said...

Ah, it's going to be strange: talking to you again Marc instead of an impersonal, writing-posting automaton. And your posts will stop appearing at times more suitable to GMT :(
But it'll be nice to have you back, regardless. Hopefully with tales of happily married life, and not sounding too smug!

Your second haiku is very good, but I love the hungry ghosts of the first one, so that's my favourite.

The resort

Rearranging things,
Resorting for the last time.
My OCD hurts.


The hotel is huge,
And we're in different wings --
I've not found you, still!

Zhongming said...

Marc - Your first one is creepy! Nobody would like to stay there except for some ghost busters crazy for excitement. Great imagination there, consider you haven't actually been there when you wrote this scheduled post. Still feeling errie.. :)

It feels like you've cleared all your thoughts at that moment for your second, which feels like you are as wild as your pal, the nature element. :) This is great!

Greg – Your two haiku reminded me of some previous drama that I watched before. When the guy left in search of his girlfriend/wife or someone he really cares about. Cool, it’s really sentimental yet emotional.

Mine: The Resort

Had a tour in organic farm,
Eat Japanese cucumber and cherry tomatoes,
And they are unforgettable in my life.


Tasted the finest tea in the world,
Ate that tallest charcoal steamboat ever,
All in Cameron Highland.

morganna said...

The cyanide pill
In its casing bumped his chest,
His final resort.


He ran 'til cornered
Then he killed himself, finding
His last resort -- death.

I'm not sure this is what you had in mind, Marc. Does this mean no pictures? :)

Hope you've enjoyed your brief honeymoon and find all is well in your garden upon your return.

Marc said...

Greg - I like your first one best, mostly for the alternate take on resort :)

Zhongming - both of your haiku sound delicious :D

Morganna - love your first one, very nicely done.

The veggies in the garden are well, and the weeds are weller. We're hoping to make the weeds less happy soon.