Monday August 23rd, 2010

The exercise:

Your topic today: the driver.

I learned how to drive the tractor today, so I reckon I'm officially a farmer now. It would have been a lot more straightforward if I'd already known how to drive a standard.


Headlights in the night,
Twin spotlights
On the asphalt stage,
So much rage in every cage,
Are you aware that I despair
Making it anywhere?

Eyes dead ahead
Focused on the road instead
Of my childish fears,
Your dear thoughts are clear
While I worry about this flurry
And wish you'd get us home in a hurry.


morganna said...

I'm first! Where is everyone?

The Driver
He drove the roads he knew so well
He never swore, he never talked
Until the day the old lady
Barreled towards him
Wrong way on the freeway.

Based on a true story. No one was hurt.

Alisa said...

Every morning at ten she falls asleep
I load her into the carseat
Slide the seat into its brackets
And start up the engine

Every morning at ten thirty the Wheels hit asphalt
Glide over concrete
Whir past field laborers and strawberries

Every morning at eleven she stirs
Car bumps over gravel
And then down
Finally coming to rest

Every morning at eleven thirty she
Opens her eyes to a different location

Greg said...

It's been a busy day! I'm short of time, so forgive the brevity of my comment. Driving a tractor sounds like fun! What does standard mean though?
I like your first verse more than your second, it just seems a little better constructed, but maybe I need to reread it when I've more time first.

The driver

Ahead the grass is flat,
To his left, the trees rear up,
Ferocious with their branches,
Devastating with their solidity.
To his right, water ripples,
Cobalt blue, reflecting a certain sky,
Treacherously inviting and glassy.
He knows the path he takes must be straight on.
He turns to the boy, stood attentive,
Guardian of the carriage and clubs.
"I think," he says, ponderously,
"I'll use the driver."

Marc said...

Morganna - I'm glad no one was hurt, that's a very scary situation!

Alisa - that was absolutely lovely, thanks so much for sharing it :)

And thank you for stopping by and joining in, I hope to see more writing from you here!

Greg - um... other terms for standard. Manual, stick shift... not automatic, haha.

And no worries, I liked my first stanza better as well.

I loved that. Great descriptions and perfect conclusion :)

Heather said...

Ahhhhh! How did I miss it? Well, here it is anyway since I put the last 10 minutes into writing it.

By the way Marc, I agree with Greg's assessment.

You were plump then, little brown pigtails sticking out from the sides of your head, and a cute smile. Everyone called you a sweetheart. That was a long time ago. Now you stand before me in a fitted tank top and too short shorts that show your form off. You are beautiful- you always were- and no longer persuaded by my arguments. I am not the influence in your life. Your friends have taken on that role and it is they that have called and told you to come right away. I imagine you will enjoy the party, but I worry about you making the drive. It is a good distance and you are an inexperienced driver who's attention quickly shifts between a text message, a new ringtone, the radio station, and occasionally the road. Every time you walk away and climb in that contraption you call a car, I wonder if it will be the last time I see you. Will you be coming home tonight?

Zhongming said...

Cool, I like what you all wrote.. It always makes me wonder where that creativity come from, must be practice! And yes I do believe practice makes perfect although there is nothing really perfect. Anyway I should write :)

This prompt reminds me about my dad(still around) that he is working throughout his life as a truck driver. The person who have my complete respect. In the area of life, it taught me that if you are willing to do anything, do it till the end, keep it endless.

My dad has been family solebreeder for almost 20 years, I seldom heard any complains from him. However I do remember something that makes him so depressed that he almost gave up few years ago. Something went wrong with his mind and thoughts. He was delusioned by the work that he did for so long, he felt pressurize and stressful when there isn't enough income to support the family. He loves us, always wanted to give us the best living environment and love. I am glad that he came back to his senses after our repeated support and encouragement.

My dad, forever love him for what he did :)

Marc said...

Heather - there's a lovely sentimentality to that :)

Zhongming - I prefer to say practice makes improvement :)

I'm glad your dad's doing well, I can only imagine what it must have been like for your family to go through that.