Tuesday August 17th, 2010

The exercise:

On this 800th day in a row of Daily Writing Practice, write two classified ads - in haiku. They can be related or not, up to you.

I was trying to figure out what inspired this and then I remembered reading this. So, there you go: credit where credit is due and all that good stuff.


Lost: My creative
spark, my well of ideas.
Please help this author!
*     *     *

Found: A voice inside
my head that for the love of


Greg said...

Yay for 800 days! And let's raise a toast to 800 more :)

I like your second haiku better, but it's a photo-finish between them really.

Classified ads

For sale: acid bath,
One previous occupant.
Almost good as new.


You: one leg, no nose;
We met in a subway car.
You stole my black coat.

morganna said...

I like yours better, Greg & Marc, but here goes:

Assistant needed:
Type, file, answer the phones
In busy office.

For sale: puppies
Pure bred, parents on site, first
Shots, papers, so cute.

Zhongming said...

You guys are amazing, 800 days of practice in a row!

Cheers to that :)


Used - Books
For sale, lowest price guaranteed,
Grab it before it is gone!

New – Running shoes
Stability, cushioned, lightweight,
Check it out in our store!

Marc said...

Greg - 'almost as good as new' - ha!

Morganna - I'm in need of the first and would buy the second, so I have no complaints about either of yours :)

Zhongming - thanks! And your first one made me want to go wander through the nearest used book store... that usually spells trouble for my wallet!