Monday August 9th, 2010

The exercise:

Today's prompt shall be: fighting demons.

Not inspired by anything in particular, it just popped into my head while brainstorming a topic for today. Thankfully it was quickly followed by an idea of what to write about - this does not always happen.


I pull my cellphone out of my jacket pocket and flip it open with a practiced flick of my wrist. As I bring up my list of contacts I take another look around the crowded room, unsure if I want to see a familiar face or not.

Scrolling down the list of names, my hand begins to tremble as the highlight reaches Manuel. My thumb hovers over the call button but refuses to descend. I know I should call him but can't bring myself to do it.

"So what'll be?" the bartender asks, her bored expression assuring me that she can't possibly know what hangs in the balance.

"Whiskey on the rocks," I reply after a slight hesitation. I flip my phone closed and put it away, my sponsor uncalled and unaware of my trespass.

It looks like the demons are winning the battle tonight.


Greg said...

Fighting demons... it sounds like some kind of Twilight rehabilitation movie, perhaps one where the lead female spends the entire time in a convalescent home with kindly nurses explaining to her that vampires, especially sparkly ones aren't real. (You do brainstorming sessions, btw? Tell us more!)
Great little story, I had no idea where it was going at first; even the comment about the sponsor didn't tip me off (I know nothing about AA it seems!)

Fighting demons

BELLA, a young, plain woman is sitting in a chair with her wrists and ankles tied. She could be anywoman, a Mary-Sue for the audience. Behind her a stocky older woman, NURSE 1, is playing casually with a length of rubber hose. NURSE 2 is in front of BELLA holding a copy of Dracula.

We know what he told you dearie, but there are no such things as Vampires.

But... but he's sparkly!

Vampires don't sparkle. They are creatures of the night, not butterflies. You should read this book we gave you, it might look like a novel, but it's really a field-guide--

If you can read. Sweet Zombie Jesus if you're daft enough to hook up with a boy because he sparkles--

It must be make-up dearie.

A drag-vampire? What would Shaft say?

No, no you're wrong. He loves me! He would never hurt me, he won't even touch me in case I inflame uncontrollable passions!

Oh well, a boy who won't touch you and wears make-up, whoever heard of such a thing? I suppose all of the boys down at Madam Jo-Jos are vampires too?

Madam Jo-Jos?

You're not supposed to go there any more!


Zhongming said...

Marc - That's some cool writing, i like the setup and plot :)

Greg - Nice drama :)

Fighting demons

That’s really dark, where did you learn from? Apparently Jim took a book that didn’t belong to him when they were having basic witchcraft lesson somewhere in the castle. It didn’t cross my mind since nothing happened until recently...

While trekking in the dark cave, something dripped onto my shirt, smell of strong iron. I rested my head vertically on my backpack and looked directly above the rocky stairs. A gust of smoke blinded my vision temporary. I felt disturbed, anxiety arise from my thoughts as I draw my wand and cast a protective spell around me. In order to satisfy my curiosity of that dripping liquid, I’ve decided to take a risk and go up the stairs.

I was dumb folded when I up there. A mysterious kid murdered, shocking death! His body was full of shattered bones, filled with bite marks all over that going-to-decay body and a pool of blood making its way down the slope. That was really awful. I swear to god, I’ve never seen anything like that! The footprints are as large as dinosaur’s. The blood was still fresh like he was just murdered.

I placed a small rock on the ground, in front of the deceased; I knelt and pay my respect. Suddenly my knees rubbed against the ground. The dry muddy ground felt strong vibration, like the ground is going to crack open soon. Then I could feel that something is coming towards me at a great velocity, sheer brutality, that monster tried to force his large palm on me! His palms were so large that it completely covered my protective spell. The strength of this monster was so powerful to the extent that I had to unleash my hidden secret spell “Mind-Control”.

morganna said...

They hide on the edge of sight
Disguised as human
Can you see them?
Their edges flicker.

They want us --
Our life force tantalizes them.
Without us, they have no purpose.
They hide on the edge of sight.

The little girl jumping rope
The business man in a suit
The pretty housewife
All disguised as human.

I can see them,
Demons everywhere,
Everywhere I look.
Can you see them?

You'll know them by the flickering
They can't quite hold the pose
They aren't perfect, you know.
Your edges are flickering.

Marc said...

Greg - loved this part the most:

Oh well, a boy who won't touch you and wears make-up, whoever heard of such a thing? I suppose all of the boys down at Madam Jo-Jos are vampires too?"

Zhongming - that's some great atmosphere you created there. Nicely done :)

Morganna - that was awesome! That last line was just bang on - great job :D