Sunday August 1st, 2010

The exercise:

Welcome to August! Your task to start off this month is: better together.

Note: I got married yesterday, so this is a scheduled post.


Barring something truly spectacular happening (think earthquake/atomic explosion/dragon attack), Kat and I got hitched yesterday afternoon. I'll have to tell you all about when we get back from out mini-honeymoon in Naramata on Wednesday (we'll be going for a proper honeymoon, probably in the spring, when we can afford to be away from the garden longer, somewhere(s) in France).

I don't think there's any question that we're better together - after five years there's just far too much proof to even think about mentioning. I consider myself a very, very lucky man to have found such a wonderful, loving, perfectly matched partner.

And so there was no doubt in my mind, for at least the last year, that this would be our first dance:


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Hah, first thing I thought of with that prompt was the Jack Johnson song (I dunno if that's the song you have in the YouTube thing, I'm on an itouch and it doesn't like the video embedded). I've been looking at learning some ukulele, with this song on on my list. Trouble is, I didn't have a uke to learn with...
... until this morning.
My birthday's three weeks from today, but my folks decided to give this to me early so I actually have time to learn to play some before I go off to school. I'll have to let'cha know how the uke progress comes along, especially any progress I make with Jack Johnson stuff.

Zhongming said...

Marc - I salute you for your effort for making scheduled post while you are away with kat! Sometimes it is luck that bring both of you together, but i think that real reason is that you guys love each other and were able to communicate freely, in loving ways, understood each other. Anyway i think that you are kind of suitable to be a teacher, father, haha!

g2 - Cool, it took me time to get used to iphone touch screen as well. Anyway nice present! I am thinking of learning guitar and maybe play some real cool songs like John Mayer's Neon. whoo.. dreams, dreams...

Better Together:

Yeah, I kind of agree that it's "better together" than being alone, although having "alone" times may be good when you needed to be.

Last night my house was filled with relatives mostly from my mother's. It is always better as the more the merrier, hearts and hearts connected together and you share happy moments and thoughts together.

When my mum was serving freshly cooked lobsters, stir-fried cabbage, sweet and sour fish, i could feel their hunger within, drooling and that just smell like home! This is better especially together!

Doing things together with family is a great pleasure in life! Think about it, for how many generations we have the chance to be a family? Even though that family might not be your ideal family, it is still yours; nobody can alter the truth behind the facts that they will always be yours. So cherish them while you still can, make that effort! It can be as simple as dining together once awhile.

morganna said...

A list:
Rice and soy sauce
Gold and diamonds
Lettuce with oil and rice vinegar
A glass of water with a straw

Congratulations on your wedding, Marc!

And more dragons (and there really are dragons in it this time): Dragon Land VII

Heather said...

Marc- Congratulations again now that the deed is done! Although I miss your feedback, I am very glad that you and Kat are getting away, even if it is just for a little while. I have friends in France and they tell me it is quite lovely in the Spring.

I wasn't sure what to write, how to put a spin on the prompt or if I should just follow and write the expected. In an effort to chose a direction, I asked my children what they thought was 'better together'. I fully expected to hear things like Ketchup and French Fries (on the table for lunch), but their insight surprised me.

My five year old immediately said, "people, families, puppies, and birds." He paused a moment before he said, "Eva and me. We are great together!"

His three year old sister, Eva, was quieter. She usually just parrots her brother so I expected much the same list from her. After a minute or two went by, she shared her answer. "Mommy, we are better together."

Even though the prompt didn't inspire great writing today, I am quite inspired by my children's response to it. I will just sit and relish their words.

Marc said...

g2 - oh man, you totally need to play this on a ukulele! That is very exciting :D

Zhongming - aw, thank you!

That's a great bit of writing, thank you for sharing that :)

Morganna - mmm, rice and soy sauce. And dragons!

Heather - those are two fantastic responses. You're very fortunate :D

Greg - ... hey, where's Greg? :P