Saturday August 14th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: cover.

Inspired by the buskers at the farmers market who do an awesome cover of the Rolling Stones' Dead Flowers. I didn't even know that was a Stones song until I looked it up when we got home.

Had another good market this morning. We had cherry tomatoes!


Take cover, child,
There are real sharp words flying;
Stay quiet, child,
Momma will soon stop crying.


Greg said...

You've definitely adopted a slightly darker tone in your writing over the last few months! Still, it's a great little poem, so I'm not complaining.
Sorry about being so late with my contributions this weekend, it's been a very busy one attending vets, MOTs and celebration parties all on the same day.


Snuggled up, under her fleecy cover,
The little chihuahua looks sweet as can be,
She's spent the weekend terrorising
Other dogs, children, and me.

Zhongming said...

Marc - Colorful picture! Cherry tomatoes is something that i will never forget about.

About your poem, I like your last line best :)

Greg - Thats a powerful one :)


White concrete ceiling walls above me,
Shields me away from sun and rain,
Always willing to protect its owner,
That is all I ever need.

Sarahlah said...

Let the cover of storm clouds,
blow across the horizon,
softening the turmoil
of an inner world gone dark.

Samantha said...

You're exercises have most definitely become a good friend of mine. Thank you for posting them. :)

I smile.
I cover the scars.
We laugh.
You never see.

Marc said...

Greg - no worries... but I have to ask: what the hell is a MOT?

Cute poem, it made me smile :)

Zhongming - a roof over your head and food on the table - all anybody truly needs.

Sarahlah - that's absolutely lovely! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your writing with us - I hope to see more from you here :)

Samantha - you're very welcome, I'm thrilled they've been of some use to you :)

You managed to pack a whole lot into four little lines - very nicely done. Very poignant.

I hope you'll be sharing more of your writing with us in the future :)

Zhongming said...

Marc - Thanks for your nice addition! Yeah, I agree that it is important to live alive at the moment when we're alive. If we don't learn how to be contented, we never will. Lesson learned :)