Thursday August 26th, 2010

The exercise:

Your word of the day: unbreakable.

I was weeding in the garden this morning and managed to break my trowel in half. I looked down and noticed a label just above where it had snapped. It read: Lifetime Guarantee Unbreakable!

Oh really now?


Tonight is the night. I am going to do this, and I'm going to do it right. I will own that damned spotlight.

My determination is unbreakable. My tenacity unshakable. My will unmistakable.

"Alright everyone, last call for poets before I close up our open mic night for this week. Anyone else interested in giving us a peak at their creative boutique? ... Nobody wants to show us their technique? Alright then, until next time my poetic geeks."

Next time. Next week I'll knock them dead with my rhymes. By then I'll be at my prime...


Zhongming said...

Oh my god, that is really amazing.. well written!

Unbreakable sounds like one of the marketing glimmicks nowadays. I just couldn't trust anything about that lifetime guarantee :)


I wish i had unbreakable heart,soul,body,mind... so that i can be strong. So strong that people around me will be influenced by me.

However the fear of being in the spotlight seem to restrict even the smallest part that lives within me. Mission never accomplish the way it should be. Crazy thoughts still live within me, yet i have not found a way out of that part of me.

Could i have been any part of the unbreakables? It doesn't seem like that to me.

Greg said...

Oh well, if it has a lifetime guarantee you can at least take it back and get a replacement. But... what were you trying to lift with it? The entire garden, at once?

I loved the way yours rhymed. A beautiful conceit.


Athena smiled at me, beckoned,
Her finger curling,
And in her other hand,
Outstretched and offertory,
A vorpal sword.
Even as I took it,
And felt the world grow sweet,
The air taste like lemons,
And the sky turn all the colours,
That I thought I must forget,
I knew I had a new problem.
For though I had the vorpal sword,
Athena's blessing and the greatest mind
Of any generation,
I could not intellectually answer
This question:
What happens when a sword that slices anything
Meets something that's unbreakable?
Athena smiled and waved me away;
I walked, head down, shaking
Like an autumn leaf in Olympian winds,
Tasked to solve a riddle
That even the Gods found hard.

Heather said...

All of you... fabulous!

You know those little Legos? Not the big blocks, but the little teeny tiny ones. They are unbreakable. It doesn't matter what you do to them, they simply never break. Melt? Yes. Get scratched up and grimy? Certainly. Break? Never. I wish they would though. I'd like some revenge every time they dig their knobby little tops or sharp sides into the bottom of my feet.

Marc said...

Zhongming - thanks very much! And I think I can relate to the sentiment of yours very well indeed.

Greg - it was a rather... large weed. But I got it out!

And hurray for more Greek mythology poetry! Great final lines.

Heather - I totally remember those little pieces! If memory serves, I do believe you're completely correct about those things being unbreakable :)