Tuesday August 31st, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the rain.

Why yes, it did rain again today. Why do you ask?

As of today I've been married for one month. That went by quick!


The clouds have burst wide
open but he's staying dry
by dodging raindrops.

*     *     *

A single raindrop
in my pond ripples outward,
becoming much more.


Greg said...

So is the rain stopping you from working on the farm, or is it just making it a little unpleasant to be outside working? I suppose it's an occupational hazard now you're a farmer though! Unless you get yourself some polytunnels.

I love the first haiku, the imagery there is great. I like the second one too, the effective of it builds slowly over time, much as the haiku itself suggests.

The rain

No other water
Could make my plants happier
Than this warm Spring rain.


Raindrops keep falling
On my head and burning through.
I hate acid rain.

Zhongming said...

The Rain:

Form is reduced to emptiness,
For my pride is worthless -
Why do i have to tolerate?


Massive amount of water,
Absorbed by holy gravity,
It's the art of nature.

Marc said...

Greg - just a little unpleasant, since it's still pretty warm here. And it never rains too hard or too long (wedding night aside).

Love your second haiku. Brilliant :)

Zhongming - 'absorbed by holy gravity' is a wonderful line :)