Saturday August 7th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the parade.

Excellent market this morning, mostly thanks to peaches and nectarines. Also, we were in a park instead of on main street due to the Peachfest parade and we went an hour longer than usual since we didn't have to clear off the street.

It was lovely being on the grass instead of pavement, but carrying in fifteen twenty pound boxes of nectarines instead of just unloading off the back of the truck was not particularly fun.

Can't complain though with how well they did, and it was nice not to have to carry any back out.


The floats are coming down the street
And I have found the perfect seat;
All alone on this quiet slope,
I'm watching through my rifle scope.


Greg said...

Mmmm, peaches! Nice as they are to eat fresh, they're also great just lightly caramelised in a frying pan on the cut side, and served with freshly-made custard. Damnit, now I'm hungry!

Fantastic poem this morning, Marc; the flow is so natural you can almost miss the last line, and then you find yourself re-reading it wondering why something didn't feel right!

The parade

They shamble down the street,
Heads hanging, clothes in tatters,
Chains as heavy as their defeat,
Put on them by their alien captors.

Marc said...

Great, now I'm hungry too.

Kat's dad made a peach crisp for dessert last night, it was quite tasty :)

Glad you liked mine, that was exactly the effect I was hoping for!

Great imagery in yours, I particularly liked the third line.

Zhongming said...

Greg - Wonderful poem! That must be some sort of heavy weight army i guess :)

Marc - That is fantastic! Matched perfectly. Quite indulging though! Perfect tip for a spy/sniper :)

The parade

In front of the stand
As straight as you can
Not allowed to move an inch
Forward marching with discipline

Marc said...

Zhongming - That's a powerful little poem, I like it a lot :)

Zhongming said...

Marc - Thanks! I'm glad you like it :)