Friday August 12th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the comedian.

I'm just going to get to writing, seeing as I've spent the last half hour or so asleep in front of my laptop.


He can't take it anymore. The constant pressure to be funny, the never-ending joke suggestions from friends, relatives, complete strangers. It's all just too much.

"Thank you all for coming," he announces at the beginning of his final set, "I'm very excited to share with you my new hobby: counting imaginary sheep... in my head."


Greg said...

Heh, you seem very busy lately! Hope the market's a good one tomorrow and that you get a chance to rest over the weekend!
Your comedian made me laugh with his joke at the end :)

The Comedian
"Why are we here?" whispered Dr. Septopus as he attempted to slip along a row of audience-filled seats behind Sylvestra.
"Green said he's trying out being a stand-up comedian," said Sylvestra not bothering to whisper, "and I said we'd enjoy laughing at him."
Dr. Septopus rolled his eyes and trod heavily in the lap of a well-upholstered woman as he tried to sit down. Sylvestra sat as well, and produced a bag of rocks and rolled her sleeves up, waiting for Green to come within range.

Papple said...

He tries to be funny,
He rubs his tummy.
Just to get a laugh,
But doesn't get even half.

Papple said...

Doesn't really rhyme like it is meant to.

Mysteries Master 5/6 said...

NO thats good papple

Mysteries Master 5/6 said...

why cant I get them to laugh
they dont even think im daft
why am i not funny
they think I'm a dummy

thats off the top of my head

Papple said...

That is cool!

Ruby said...

He is always trying to be funny
But never serious
He is always joking around
Never being sensible
He is the comedian

madness5/6 said...

He wats to make you laugh
Even though he's daft
He wants one now
But he doesn't now how.

madness5/6 said...

That is very good mysteries master 5/6

modelhorsemad said...

Why do I have to listen. To a comedian with no sense of humour. Oh great, his's hit the punchline. Yes, it's lunch time.