Thursday August 18th, 2011

The exercise:

I'm feeling like a musical prompt today. So pick the title of any song (feel free to ramble about YouTube or skip around your iPod to find one that works) and use it as the inspiration for your writing today - just the title, not the lyrics.

I went a little old school with mine.


Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins

She tapped out the password on the safe's keypad while whistling softly to herself. The lyrics to the song escaped her; it was just something she'd heard on the radio earlier in the day. Something about flying without wings, maybe.

Pulling the safe door open with her right hand, she reached in with her left and removed the unmarked box. She brought it over to the couch before placing it on the coffee table and taking a seat. Without looking, she grabbed the open bottle of tequila that had been lurking on the end table to her right and took a long swig.

She placed the bottle next to the box, which she now turned her attention to. Using her long pink fingernails she eased the cover upwards to reveal a handgun, a box of bullets, and a pencil case filled with paints and paintbrushes. The song returned to her lips as she unzipped the last item and extracted a brush with a very fine point and several miniature paint tins.

Next she pulled a single bullet from its container and set to work. The butterfly wings took shape on its side quickly as her fingers moved with practiced grace. Once she was satisfied, she set it aside to dry and took another taste of tequila. After a moment's hesitation she took out a second bullet and began painting it as well.

Just in case.


Anonymous said...

Mine: The Hounds of Love by Kate Bush

Is love like the scent on a trail,
picked up and followed,
through the brambles,
through the fields,
rolling in the pungent glory,
of one another?

And then to be lost in the babbling brook,
of change.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marc my song is Bulletproof


The woman held her hand up to protect her face. A man was trying to kill her. He pulls the trigger to make the gun burst. BOOM! The bullet was shot. The woman was still standing after the bullet hit her. She looked at her hand. No blood, just a bullet. She took the bullet out of her hand and threw it on the ground,stepped on it and turned around. She yanked a tube of lipstick out of her handbag. She pushed the the lid down firmly. It clicked. It had transformed into a gun."Don't make me shoot!" she yelled. The man dropped the purse that he had nicked from her and ran. "Hmpph that'll teach 'em".

BlackStallion said...

that's cool papple XP

Anonymous said...

Thanks BS

Miss Mango said...


Greg said...

Heh, I'd forgotten how much fun these prompts can be! This song's a little more modern than your choice, perhaps, Marc!
I like the ornamented bullets and the way you match the detail in your writing to the detail that she's painting. That little echo works wonderfully well!


Poison drips into my ear
As though Shakespear
Is my director. An angry ghost
Lurks somewhere in the wings,
Breaking things,
Cursed with eternal jealousy.
Ophelia runs screaming by
Off once again to try
And drown herself. The water's off.
Envy whispers still to me in green,
I shall incarnadine
The world through jealousy.

Marc said...

Anon - absolutely beautiful. Great work.

Papple - great turnaround in your scene, and I really like your character's attitude.

Greg - love the flow of your poem. And I had to smile at 'The water's off' :)