Tuesday August 16th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the florist.

Here, at long last, is the view from where Kat and I were housesitting this weekend:

You can't quite see our house in that one, but if I'd thought to take a picture right at the railing you would. It's probably hiding behind that tree just to the left of the middle. Ah well.


He spends every day
arranging perfect bouquets
he'll never receive

*     *     *

He's never on time,
for he is always stopping
to smell the roses


Brittany P. said...

A ringing bell, a
smiling face, a delicate
flower in a vase

Roses, irises,
bleeding hearts and sweet jasmine;
smelling of summer

Greg said...

The florist
Six long-dead roses,
With extra thorns and greenfly.
The florist hates me.


Her flowers still bloom
In the middle of winter
To make people smile.

Ruby said...


Loves her flowers and never lets them go
Green, red, blue or pink, she doesn't care, has to have them all

# # # #

I never go to her shop because her
flowers are too expensive
Guess she needs the money alhtough her shop is a hit but not to me

renni4 said...

brittany P- i love your last 3 lines
greg-your haiku is great i love your last 3 lins as well

Marc said...

Brittany - two lovely haiku, I'm unable to pick a favorite.

Greg - I'm not sure I'd go back to the florist in your first haiku. Not unless I wanted to send flowers to someone I really disliked :P

Ruby - sometimes things are worth the extra cost, other times not so much; sounds like your second poem falls into the 'not so much' category.