Saturday August 27th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: family.

We had a pretty good market this morning, after which we dropped in for a short visit with some of Kat's family who live in Penticton. It was good times and we're hoping to do it more regularly.


Full of rotten apples,
As dysfunctional as can be;
But I would never trade
My one and only family.


Papple said...


Family is always there fot you even when you are in peril.
They love you more than ever.
More than anything in the world.
Their your family and you know it.

Papple said...


Greg said...

Sounds like you had a good day overall then! Did you have any left-overs from the market to share with family? I bet they were pleased if you did :)

Heh, I like the sentiment in your poem today.

My mother said "What is family?"
With a great degree of passion.
I thought for a while and then replied,
"To act in a famil fashion?"

Brittany P. said...

We scream, interrupt and yell.
We disagree and throw our hands up.
But, they are the only ones
that know me well.

Marc said...

Papple - that's a very good description of family :)

Greg - yeah, we gave them lots of potatoes and some peppers and... oh, a cabbage. They seemed to appreciate it :)

I suspect that was not the answer the mother was expecting / hoping for.

Brittany - yup, exactly. And when everybody gets a bit older, there seems to be less yelling and interrupting, and more understanding and getting along :)

Ruby said...

"Children I want everybody to do a poem or story on 'Family'!" the teacher shouted. All the students quickly started, except me, I just sat there staring at my blank page.
I couldn’t think of what to write. I tried to remember one of the books I read but nothing can to mind. The girl next to me had nearly finished but then, dah how could I be so clueless. Then the teacher said, “Ten minutes left!”. This is what I wrote down on my page:

My family can’t be expressed in words, they are that good.
My brother always makes my laugh, how clueless can he be.
My mum is always there to help, she has never let me down.
My dad is my real hero, saving me from disaster.
That’s me left, my family will always love me, as long as I am me!

I showed my teacher and what do you know, she loved it. She loved it that much that she said it in fount of class, how embarrassing!

I hope you like it ;p

puzzle person said...

My family is huge! I have a mum a dad a little sister a baby sister and a brother. My brother is so annoying he's 12 and I am 9 so he can push me around like I'm a toy.

Miss Mango said...

my family is everything to me,
with them i'm as happy as can be.
they are kind, generous and nice,
they are sort of like sugar and spice.

modelhorsemad said...

I have a mum and dad,
Who sre never sad,
And a younger brother,
Who thinks he's my mother!