Sunday August 14th, 2011

The exercise:

The word of the day is: hesitation.

Had a very relaxing day today. Back to the garden tomorrow morning.


The briefest of pauses,
That was all that it took,
And everything was lost
To that God-awful crook.

Why did I look away,
I was so damned stupid!
Now he's taken my wife -
Evil little Cupid!


madness5/6 said...
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Greg said...

Like tripping on the edge of the rug,
A moment caught in time, unbalanced,
A hesitation between right now and almost then,
And as the moment stretches out...
You wonder if here might not be the best place of all...
But the hesitation ends
And you land squarely on your face.

Shakirra said...

hesatation is the name hesatation its not a game i'm always forgetting what i'm doing im standing some where then i forget and go on towards a net.

Ruby said...

I don't want to but... I have to.
I am always hesitating... always have to think first but sometimes I get in trouble for it. I guess it takes to long for me to answer. I just need to go for it and do it quickly. No time to hesitate…

lachlan said...

i am waiting in a waiting room in a hospital hesatating very nervously then the docter is draw to me for the bad news

lachlan said...

greg:woudent do it any better
shakkira:it wasent good it was GREAT
ruby:i love your writing

madness5/6 said...

I turned on my playstation
with no hesitation
I played and played and played
and dinner was delayed

madness5/6 said...

I like it lachlan

lachlan said...


lachlan said...

i was in a areoplane going to sky dive but as soon as we got off the groud was hesatating very badly.It was time to jump i peared over the edge and swallowed hard.

barbara said...

The surgeon hesitated only for a moment before he used his scalpel to start the heart transplant.

lachlan&barbara said...

the priminster showed little hesitation before commiting the nation to WAR.

madness5/6 said...

I alwaysed hesitated in the hospital when I had a burst apendix. Just in case I trip over. I was lucky because I never did

Mad Man5/6!!!!!!!! said...

His name is hesitation man. He hesitates about everything, he's always worrying about things. Every time he goes somewhere he says "Im to nervous" then he runs away screaming?

Vivian said...

Elise shows a little bit of hesitating but not to much. She does a big writing book at home. "I can't finish this for the homework." Elise said bleakly. Elise went to Ruby's house rapidly because she didn't know what to do. "Do your best." Ruby said confidently. Elise tried her hard and she had an A+ for the writing book.

Vivian said...

Ruby yours is so good!
Lachlan your writing is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zhongming said...


When was the last time we have ever hesitated to write about something? Mostly we're afraid of what we've written might be criticized by readers or reviewer of your work because of poor usage of language or errors that we just don't know or have yet come across.

My opinion on writing is that it can vary between different writers in terms of the fear factor for writing something dark, something buried deep within the writer itself. These are the very dark area, secrets that most of us refused to talked about because of social, political and other x factors. Anyway let's just write what we're thinking at this moment while we're at it.

Today was the fourth day of my grandpa's wake. There are many friends and relatives that gather around the funeral to accompany the last journey of my grandpa. I feel that my grandpa is really honored to have this volume of people paying their last respect for him. I really thanked them from the bottom of my heart.

I can still vaguely remember that the last funeral that I've attended as I didn't understand the meaning behind all those chanting and I hesitated to do what I'm supposed to do. It always happen when you are unsure about what you have to do. Are you one of them?

My own theory about these traditions and religion is that it is of no use but it is definitely something useful to teach the humanitarian about the moral story behind all these actions. Whether or not we believe in afterlife, it is essential to be truthful and morally responsible for your own action regardless of the event in life. 

Now that I've shared my little story. I  hope that you've benefitted from it.